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I'm Patrick Tuor, IFBB Pro Trainer and creator of SST - Ask me anything! (in english)


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I know many Brazilian bodybuilding enthusiasts are having great results my the Sarcoplasma Stimulating Training method I created and I just wanted to know if you had some training questions to ask me. Please check my videos so you have a better understanding of what SST is all about.



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Hi Patrick, nice videos!


What I understood from your training method is that you want in a single workout, use different techniques to stimulate muscle. That's OK.

But I have some doubts.


In large muscle groups like chest and back, you start your workout with 1 isolation exercise like peck deck and pullover. Then follows to a compound exercise using some heavy reps, then use forced reps, then negative reps, then positive and ends with a series of isometrics, everything with 15 seconds rest.



This part I understand. But you do "only" 1 sequence for this workout?
I noticed that in your chest workout you also uses various techniques of intensity, but what I noticed in common in all workouts is this sequence of forced reps, negative, positive and isometric.
This is the basic foundation of the SST that should be used in all workouts?
Congratulations for the method and certainly i will test it!
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